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World Language

The World is our classroom.


GRADES 5-8   The Hastings-on-Hudson World Language Department is dedicated  to providing high quality language learning for its students in an articulated sequence of instruction.  We believe that this exposure to a variety of languages allows students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of other cultures as well as their own, and prepares them to communicate and participate successfully as informed citizens in a global society.

Instruction of World Language focuses on the goals articulated in the 5 c's of the national student standards, Standards for Language Learning in the 21st Century, by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

We are proud to begin the study of Spanish in the elementary school, beginning in first grade. In middle school, students are given a choice to continue their studies of Spanish or switch to French.  At the end of 8th grade, or Level 1B, students earn 1 HS credit of foreign language after successfully completing the NYS-required Checkpoint A examination. When students enter high school, they continue with their chosen language and often opt to add other languages to study.

World Languages Curricula Grades 5-8

Spanish Curriculum Grades 5-8

French Curriculum Grades 5-8



Katie Paz - Chairperson

James Adamo - Spanish

Laura Cloherty - Spanish

Stephanie DeFino - French

Francesca Hagadus - French and Spanish