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6th Grade Technology

Welcome to 6th Grade Technology

In the 6th Grade we will be studying engineering design, and the design process. Students will learn how to be a creative problem solver. Students will explore a large amount of small technological ideas and topics. The key to getting our students engaged in technology in the future is to start getting them engaged now, therefore we give them many different projects and ideas to figure out where their niche in technology might be!

Topics of Study

I. Computer Aided Design


-Autodesk Inventor

II. 3-D printing


-Alien Puzzle Cubes

III. Structure Design

-West Point Bridge Designer

-3-D bridge model

-Model bridge build and break

IV. Electricity

-Series vs. Parallel Circuit

-Amps, Volts, Resistence 


-Building circuits

V. Flight


-4 Forces of flight

VI. The Engineering Design Process

-PZM modification lesson

-What is Brainstorming