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English Language Arts

Language allows us to enter into the world around us; it sparks and shapes relationships among people; it enables us to enjoy the arts and the inventions of culture and even to create our own. In short, it is the central skill for all learning. Consequently, the courses in our English program seek to foster the essentials for mastery of language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening – along with fundamentals of grammar and usage and exposure to the literatures of our and other cultures.

In 6thgrade, ELA classes meet every day for 80 minutes, introducing many of the skills and habits that will shape students’ study of English throughout middle and high school. 7thgrade ELA presents an introduction to literary analysis and research skills; as 8thgraders, students continue to refine and advance these analytical skills and are encouraged to develop their own voice as writers. In each of these courses, students are challenged to read carefully and critically and to write with increasing clarity and confidence. Through class discussions, students are provided with the opportunity to develop their speaking skills and to enjoy and benefit from the open exchange of ideas with their teachers and peers.


Sarah Walters - Chairperson
Lisa Duquette
Mary Greene
Scott Shapiro  
Lauren Sanfilippo